"I purchased an Elementree Kindler at the Harrogate show in December 2017. I have finally found some time to have a go with my new tool. Once I worked not to be too greedy with timber size I quickly got the hang of it and made a vast pile of kindling in not a lot of time . It's actually a lot kinder to hands and wrists compared to using a kindling axe as there is no jolting or bounce back. Overall great piece of kit that will hopefully keep delivering piles of kindling for years to come. So very pleased with my purchase and well done with the innovation."


"I had the Elementree Kindler bought for me for Christmas and have used it to great effect. It is a robust piece of kit that is very easy to use. It produces kindling at just the right size for us and is compact enough to be put away under a bench when finished with. The mallet that is included with the kit is of excellent quality and also very robust. I would thoroughly recommend the Elementree Kindler!"


"Great product (Elementree Kindler), makes splitting wood a breeze! It saves any potential accidents and is so quick and easy to use."


"We have one at our forest schools and the children love to help with splitting the wood for the fire. This makes it fun and a lot easier for us all. Thank you Elementree splitter"