The Concept

British designed and manufactured.

The Elementree Splitter and ElemenTree Kindler have been born of an idea that the homeowner gets a bad deal when it comes to firewood production and we have endeavoured to provide a solution. Our products are designed and built with the aim of revolutionising the home fire wood production market by increasing output, and ease of use for the consumer.

There are currently many ranges of bulk output log splitters for the professional, but with this comes an inevitable large investment aside from the unsuitability for the small firewood producer.
What are the alternatives for the homeowner who regularly produces their own firewood?
The splitting axe which can be dangerous, hard, heavy work or perhaps an electric log splitter with continuous lifting of heavy logs onto the unit?

These methods generally produce two split logs or pieces of kindling with each turn so repetitive lifting and double handling is required.

With our innovative design, the Elementree Splitter and ElemenTree Kindler bridge the gap between the basic axe and the expensive machinery, both in price and in our labour saving concept.

With no similar product available on the current market and boasting a European registered design, the ElemenTree Splitter and the ElemenTree kindler offer homeowners an exclusive, fast and effective solution to keeping their log shed fully stocked. By manually driving logs and kindling down through the splitting blades with a rubberised mallet, the risk to the user is greatly reduced, plus handling of logs is kept to a minimum whilst quadrupling the output quantity. The tried and tested design requires so little effort that it appeals to all, from the experienced to the occasional user. This is a fantastic product for anyone wishing to split their own logs or kindling and feels the satisfaction from doing so.